Cannot even leave one star!! What a rip off!! $2.00 per MINUTE for the car wash!!! And it’s NOT POSTED anywhere! We traveled from out of town and had to go through seal coating so lots of dust. My husband washed the truck thoroughly... 29 mins!! $62!!!! NEVER AGAIN!! Will not recommend to anyone! It was not busy and now we know why!! VERY DISAPPOINTED .
Joanne Davis 4747 Gosnell Cresent New Aiyansh, BC August 29, 2018 Rain Coast Wash and Lube 5127 Keith Ave Terrace,BC, V8G 1K8 Dear Milt Lindsey: I recently had an extremely upsetting and very costly experience with your service regarding oil leakage onto the alternator in my 2012 Veracruz Hyundai VIN KM8NUDCC9CU202710. I request compensation from Rain Coast Wash and Lube for my financial loss of $469.00 On July 6, 2018, I had my vehicle serviced with an oil change. On August 18th, my vehicle came to a stop as we were driving out of Aiyansh; we had a jump to start 3 times within 20 minute. The motor kept dyeing. When it started there was no power and eventually did not start again, we had to get towed back home. I discovered, after our local mechanic looked at the vehicle that the alternator was gone. I was told that the alternator has oil all over it and it came from my last oil change, the person who changed the oil did not use a funnel, which contributed to oil that destroyed the alternator. I have enclosed a copy of my receipt from the services that your company has given to me July 6th 2018. I am asking for the total of my expenses which seems reasonable to me, considering the poor quality oil treatment that I have received. Please call me at 250 633 2797 within seven days with confirmation that my request will be honored. Sincerely, Joanne Davis Enclosure Receipt of services from Rain Coast Receipt for alternator from Napa.
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